Transparency, Excellence & Innovation are critical to our success at KNS LAW CHAMBERS. We place great importance on finding the right people.


We function like a sports team. It’s all about collaboration, team spirit, and following work ethics. Everyone at KNS Law Chambers works together to achieve a common goal while respecting each other’s individuality.

  • Hiring at KNS Law Chambers: Following the concept of “Dream Team” we hire people who would initially grow by adding scope i.e. how they did the job and later grow with us by adding more scope again.
  • Beginning at KNS Law Chambers: Our induction model is aimed at providing a warm welcome and pleasant experience to all the new hires.
  • Evaluation at KNS Law Chambers: We follow a framework called “training wheels” for judging talent determining the levels of individuals that we have in our system.

When you work with KNS Law Chambers, you will always find an environment that incorporates our core values. KNS Law Chambers working environment offers you:

  • Opportunities for personal career growth and professional development
  • Learning and development through extensive on the job training and experience along with regular Friday Town Hall sessions
  • A Fun work environment along with work life balance
  • We encourage our employees to adopt healthy lifestyle complemented by wellness initiatives including meditation sessions
  • A lively atmosphere during prominent national and local festival, with events and activities that spread cheer and comrade among employees


An Internship with KNS Law Chambers will help you experience life as a commercial lawyer, and gain insights into the Firm’s client commitment. The only criterion that is non-negotiable is that you must be passionate about the law. As an intern with the Firm you will,

  • Be mentored by senior members, who will guide and assign you work
  • Have opportunities to work with our teams and understand our specialisms
  • Attend seminars and workshops with our team members
  • Attend training programmes that will help understand what you can expect,as a full time practitioner

Law students in their Pre-final / Final year from leading Universities and Law Colleges in India can apply through the section below


Work with us for an exciting career of learning, development and value driven performance linked growth. We look forward to welcoming those who can adapt and thrive in challenging situations.

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